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  1. Hi Maria!
    Lets get started on your custom hoop!
    First lets get the physical dimensions squared away.
    * Tubing type
    – 5/8″ HDPE
    – 5/8″ Polypro
    – 3/4″ HDPE
    – 3/4″ Polypro

    * Diameter
    – 26″ to 60″

    After this we will start to dig into the type of hoop, colors, patterns, and animations that you may want to see in your hoop.

  2. 5/8 polypro

  3. i would love an earthy theme with blue and greens only. my rainbow colors id prefer no pink or white, just plain rainbow.
    another color pattern id enjoy would be yellow and purple.

    i like in the chromatica pictures there are rainbow ones – the fade and broken strobe pics are dope.

    in the chaser hoop settings video – im not crazy about mode 1. its a bit cheesy for me, id rather start with mode 2 and have lots of chaser patterns as well as the fades and such. not huge on mode 19 but id need to see it in action to determine that really…its no big deal.

  4. Mode 19 does get a little lost in horizontal rotation. It is a bit funner in vertical swiping actions such as
    The Drop!

    Since mode 1 is an every other LED shift it is a bit tough to see its rotational direction… however, this mode mixes really well at high speeds with the 2-color strobe modes. It doesn’t have to be the starting mode though… in fact the modes can be in any order you prefer. The mode storage feature also allows you to save your start-up point in the mode list. so your ‘power-on’ mode will be whatever you choose it to be on the fly.

    No Pink in rainbow… Check!
    Earthy Tones… Check!

  5. as far as patterns, i would love to have clouds, aztec, and diamonds that will follow as a trail. clouds are the shitttttt maybe you could make them purple in the purple/yellow color scheme? peace signs are cool too. i was reading your thread with kristin, do we have a chat mode like that for this to be a bit easier? if not comments work. 🙂

  6. I was sort of playing around with the two layouts using hers and yours to see which works better and I think I like the chat gallery format a bit better as well… one second and we shall convert!!!

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