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The new Mobius HD comes with near limitless possibilities. The unique interface allows you to customize virtually any aspect of your hoop. From colors, to speeds, to automatic programmable sequences. The Mobius Manipulator software allows you to interface with your piece through the micro USB jack located on the hoop, also used for charging.
New mode packages will be added continually! Save your settings to a file and quickly download different configurations. Product updates can be delivered as a software download, no need to send your hoop back for re-programming. You can even create and download a wide variety of images to be output through your hoop utilizing the POV effect (persistence of vision).

Mobius Download Center

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Controlled by two recessed push buttons, the Mobius HD utilizes a user friendly visual menu system as well as many direct controls allowing easy and quick movement among all the options installed.

Color_Menu_Flow Animation_Menu_Flow

Current Mode Packages Available

The Combo Pack:
Combines 16 animation patterns with 46 color pallets in 5 different filters with 6 different speeds to create a wide variety of amazing color and motion patterns. Patterns, Pallets, filters, and speeds are customizable. (22,080 total variations)
POV Pixel Maps:
Combines up to 16 images with 46 color pallets to create optical amazement. Images are re-sizable and editable.

Built-in Auto Mode Sequencer
There are 6 auto sequence groups for both the color pallets and the animation patterns.

  • Group 1: Cycle ALL modes Sequentially
  • Group 2: Cycle up to an 8 mode sequence.
  • Group 3: Cycle up to an 8 mode sequence.
  • Group 4: Cycle up to a 16 mode sequence.
  • Group 5: Cycle up to a 16 mode sequence.
  • Group 6: Cycle up to a 35 mode sequence.

Customize each group to create multiple unique sequences

Speed Selection
Adjust the speed on the fly! Each group of modes can be assigned one of 5 different speed groups. Each speed group contains 6 different speed settings; define each speed setting and quickly and easily select between them during hooping.

Batteries: Internal Rechargeable (micro USB charger)

Charging: 4-6 hours (2 hour rapid charger available)

Run time: 1.5 to 8 hours (mode dependent)

Weight: ~13 oz.


Mobius Manipulator Software – Software Instructions
POV_Image_tab2 POV_Image_tab
Color_Pallets_tab Animations_tab
Speed_tab Auto_Sequences_tab


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  1. […] The Mobius HD is perhaps one of the most revolutionary smart hoops on the market.  This hoop comes with 96 different modes, but it has the ability to hold 160 modes.  And, since the patterns, pallets, filters, and speeds are customizable, there are a total of .22,080 total variations.  The Mobius HD even comes with software so that the user can create her own mode packs!  Also, the buyer has the ability to upgrade the hoop and its software for free, from her own home.  The Mobius comes with a micro USB charger and battery time runs from 1.5-8 hrs.  This hoop also has a POV pack that can store 16 persistance of vision patterns.  Ryan, the owner of Illumni-nation Hoops, has been a beloved member of the hooping community for several years.  His hoops are high quality and his customer service is top notch.  And, since this hoop costs only $325, it is officially the cheapest programmable smart hoop on the market.  You can even save 5% on your Mobius HD by using the name “MoonShadow” when checking out. […]