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The Chromatica hoop uses a strand of multi-color LEDs (RGB) to cycle through various modes and colors uniformly through the hoop. There are now 46 modes to choose from, each with 6 speeds. Cycle through 276 options using only two recessed push-buttons!

  • Chromatica options:
    • Chromatica: Has a mix of 46 modes each with 6 speed variations! (below chart is not complete) Includes rainbow modes as well as fire and water and other 1, 2 and 3 color modes.

Thanks Stacy!


Please contact me at 208-761-1588 or email me at for your purchase.


LED Count
Custom Build Notes:


Please contact for pricing and details.


Button Functions
Push-button 1: push to move forward through RGB modes (through different color patterns)
Push-button 1: Hold 1 second to move backward through RGB modes.
Push-button 1: Hold 2+ seconds to turn off/on.
Push-button 2: push to increase speed, cycles back to slowest speed after fastest speed.
Push-button 2: Hold 1 second to store the current RGB settings for hoop start-up.
Mode Store: Pick any mode to be the first mode when you turn your hoop on! Find the mode you like best, press and hold the speed button (push-button 2) until the hoop briefly flashes off. When you turn you hoop on, this is where it will start!! Change at any time!

Run time is about 3-12 hours and is mode dependent. Most modes fall within a 4-8 hour range.

Internal rechargeable batteries, balanced. AC wall charger included. Recharge time is about 3-4 hours

Weight: 13.5 oz  (36″ 20 LED in 3/4″ HDPE)

Click any of the images for a larger view!

Rainbow Slow Fade Rainbow Strobe

Random Rainbow Single Color Modes

Fire Mode Water Mode

2-Color Strobe Mode 3-color Fade Mode