Who is your hoop builder?

My name is Ryan Aja (Aha!) and I have always had a love of electronics since I was very young (Thanks mom for understanding about the toaster… hair dryer… microwave…  and everything else I ever took apart to figure out how it worked).  I have done many things in the field of electronics and electrical devices and feel privileged to now be spreading the light!

Quick history:

  • Micron Technology (1999-2005)
    • Intern Engineer (technician)
    • Product Engineer (CMOS Imagers)
    • Software developer (CMOS Imagers)
    • Characterization Engineer (CMOS Imagers)
  • Amp Lab (’06)
    • Pro-Audio Repair Tech.
  • WorldAglow  (’09)
    • Shop Tech: This is where I originally started production on the hoops but due to an unfortunate customs issue the company got hit hard and had to disperse before the hoops had a chance to take off.
    • I also shared my knowledge of electronics to teach others how to build hoops.
  • Illumi-Nation Hoops (’10)
    • And here we are!
    • Specializing in custom built hoops and other custom control circuitry

I am currently taking time away from hoop production. The Mobius HD system is available in limited forms and a few other custom builds may be available. Please contact with questions.

Phone: 208-761-1588



Located in Meridian Idaho

634 McGlinchey Ave.
Meridian Idaho 83646