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  • Any Diameter 12″ and larger
  • Internal Rechargeable Batteries – Balanced
  • Charge protection, full charge indicator light
  • External, recessed Power Switch
  • External, recessed Recharge Jack
  • Collapsible to half its original size (2x coil).
  • Great for starters or the pro
  • Lightweight (as lights as 12 oz.)
  • No rattle
  • Customizable Color Patterns
  • Customizable Effects
  • Backed with a 2 Year Warranty on Production Defects

Single Circuit Hoops
Choose from a pre-designed setup or customize your own! All the LEDs are controlled by a single on/off switch. LEDs can be chosen from any of the options on the LED Options page.

Multi-Circuit Hoops
It’s like having two hoops in one! Each circuit is controlled by an independent on/off switch.



Combinable Mini Hoops
Use as two minis or combine to get one full size hoop!


Integrated Hoops
Multi-mode hoops which use an RGB strand in the hoop to create a uniform effect throughout the hoop for each mode.
Multiple Mode Packages to choose from, even customize your own!

Flitter Hoops
Single or Multi-circuit hoops with multiple modes automating the channels.

Mobius HD Hoop


Chaser Hoop
Static color pattern with motion animation through the hoop.

  • 16 LED:
  • 24 LED:
  • 32 LED:

Solar Chargers
Use the power of the sun to charge your hoop!

Half Day Solar Charger

Practice Hoops
Non-lighted hoops, tape available.

The Magic Flitter

My hoops are customizable in many different ways to fit all the different types of hoopers. I have been designing and building hoops for 2.5 years and have over 15 years of electronics and engineering  experience going in to each hoop. I can design and build custom control effects to create just about any effect you want to see in your hoop.


There are 3 built in rechargeable batteries spaced evenly to make the hoop as balanced as possible. Each hoop is good for up to 1000 recharges and comes with a recessed recharge jack to make recharging the hoop nice and simple. Indicator light lets you know that your hoop is charging and when it is fully charged. Internal auto shutoff protects the batteries from overcharging or over-discharging. Batteries are covered by the warranty, guaranteed to work for 2-years or they will be replaced for free!


My hoops collapse by doubling (coils) over into half its original size. It is even fun to throw around in this collapsed state. The quick connect makes it so you can easily break down the hoop with the push of a single button for travel or to maneuver through crowds.

Tape – Tape is available in  the following colors for $5.00 per spiral:

Red Yellow Drk Green Blue Purple Burgundy White Black
Fluorescent Green Fluorescent Yellow Fluorescent Orange Fluorescent Pink

Fluorescent Tapes are Black Light Reactive!