Warranty & Exchanges



I offer a 2-year warranty on production defects for each of my custom builds. All parts, pieces and components are of top quality and designed to last for years and years! If an LED burns out or any shorts appear (flickering solid lights), I will cover shipping charges both ways and the repair for your hoop. Shipping label is setup and sent to your email inbox, just print and ship!!!
Batteries are now covered under the warranty!!! With the addition of the built-in charge control circuitry, the hoop will automatically shutoff the charger once fully charged. Indicator light lets you know your hoop is charging and when it is fully charged. Charging automatically shuts off when done to protect the batteries so you can get the most out of them. (1000 charge cyles!!!)
Malfunctioning individual LEDs or damage to the LED strip are not covered under the warranty in the Mobius HD.
When running your hoop, the safety shutoff will turn the hoop off before damage can be done. LEAVING YOUR HOOP IN THIS DEAD STATE FOR A PROLONGED PERIOD OF TIME WILL DAMAGE THE BATTERIES AND VOID THE WARRANTY. Do not leave dead for more than 48 hours. If you know you will not be able to recharge your hoop within this time period, turn it off before the safety shutoff kicks in. LEDs will begin to dim before the shutoff kicks in letting you know it is approaching completely dead.

If your hoop dies or fades quickly after a full charge your charger may be bad. Follow these steps to check to see if the charger is working.

  1. Plug the charger into the hoop
  2. Turn the hoop on
  3. Plug the charger into the wall

*** This test is still valid with new system (except Mobius)… indicator light will not go on when plugged in if the charger is bad.

If the lights do not increase in brightness when the charger is plugged into the wall, it is most likely a dead charger. This usually only happens when the proper order isn’t followed when charging.

Warranty Return Shipping Coverage

If upon contacting me, the issue is determined to be a warranty issue, a return label will be issued or shipping costs will be reimbursed.
Domestic Shipping coverage: upto but not exceeding $15
International Shipping coverage: upto but not exceeding $45
*Any international customs chargers, fees, or taxes are the responsibility of the customer.
If being charged more than the above prices, check to make sure your box size is within limits and that you are using the appropriate service.
USPS: ~$7.50 to $14 (Priority)
UPS: ~$7.00 to $13 (Ground)

Proper packaging
When packing your hoop up for return, please make sure to use a properly sized box. The cheapest and easiest solution when a box can’t be found is to coil your hoop down and sandwich it between two squares of cardboard (~20″x20″). Tape the edges securely!
Make sure to include a return address somewhere in or on the package. Also, any notes in regards to the issue are appreciated.

Please contact me with any issues you may have or any questions you may have about the warranty: IllumiNationSupport@gmail.com


If you are not happy with the hoop you receive or were looking for a different feel or effect, contact me and let me know. I will make the little changes you are looking for or completely rebuild your hoop! Rebuild is for an equivalently priced hoop. Upgrades can be made for the difference in price. Shipping charges both ways apply for exchanges.
Must be within 2 weeks of arrival and with no obvious damage.



If you are simply not satisfied with the quality of my hoops and do not wish to exchange, I offer refunds up to 2 weeks beyond the date that the product is delivered.  Return shipping is covered by the customer and the full product price will be refunded within 1 week of the hoop being returned. Hoop must be returned with absolutely no damage and minimal markings from use (surface scuffs). If an exchange has already been tried, refund will not be issued.  If damage is present, partial refund may be given.  If damage is from shipping, full refund will be given. If damage is from poor packing, partial refund may be given. I reserve the right to determine how damage was caused and partial refund percentage. If hoop batteries are dead upon arrival, partial refund may be given.

My goal is to provide quality customized products that feel great to use!