Tubing Options


The type of tubing that will fit you best can depend on your style of hooping and your skill level. There are a lot of options and the feel with each material can differ with hoop diameter.
Below are the tubing types that I have on hand with diameter recommendations.  Tubing is defined by outer diameter.

  • 5/8” HDPE (Less than 32″)
    • Great for non-combinable Minis (18″-25″) and small diameter hoops less than 32″
    • Great for combinable minis smaller than 17″
  • 5/8″ Polypro (not recommended)
    • In stock but not recommended for any setup (except practice hoops)
    • Use in practice hoops smaller than 32″
  • 3/4” LDPE (Low Density… not recommended)
    • Very soft, extremely flimsy
  • 3/4” HDPE (High Density) (12″-42″)
    • My recommendation for the most durable setup.
    • Great for a broad range of hooping styles.
  • 3/4” PolyPro ( Less than 38″)
    • My recommendation for a rigid setup
    • Yes… poloypro is more fragile in any diameter.
  • 7/8” HDPE (Larger than 36″)
    • Larger and heavier, good for beginners.

General Recommendations:
Beginners: Larger diameter with thicker tubing; 38″-42″ with 7/8″ HDPE
Intermediate: 32″-36″ with 3/4″ HDPE or PolyPro
Pro: For harder/faster hoopers-  3/4″ PolyPro.  For softer/flowing hoopers- 3/4″ HDPE

There are many variables to this equation but it comes down to what you feel comfortable with and how you want to progress in your hooping.
My hoops are made to last so if you think you will be advancing quickly go with something that will be comfortable for you this year and the next!