Charging And Care


Now that you have your hoop it is important to take proper care of it to get the most out of it.  By following proper charging procedures, your hoop can have a long life. Batteries are rated for 1000 charge cycles… one charge per day for almost 3 years… or one charge per week for 19 years if proper care is taken.
LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours… this is 11.5 years of continuous (24 hr/day) run time!


Charging settings for previous universal chargers. Current chargers do not have any settings to worry about.
Charger Settings
Voltage: 4.5V (Do not exceed!)
Polarity: Switch in up position (Positive on tip)
AC Voltage: (switch on back) For U.S. customers, leave this on the 110V setting. If you live in a country with a 220V power grid, ensure this switch is set accordingly.

With the addition of the built-in charge control circuitry, the hoop will automatically shutoff the charger once fully charged. Indicator light lets you know your hoop is charging and when it is fully charged. Charging automatically shuts off when done to protect the batteries so you can get the most out of them. (1000 charge cyles!!!)
When running your hoop, the safety shutoff will turn the hoop off before damage can be done. LEAVING YOUR HOOP IN THIS DEAD STATE FOR A PROLONGED PERIOD OF TIME WILL DAMAGE THE BATTERIES AND VOID THE WARRANTY. Do not leave dead for more than 48 hours. If you know you will not be able to recharge your hoop within this time period, turn it off before the safety shutoff kicks in. LEDs will begin to dim before the shutoff kicks in letting you know it is approaching completely dead.

When should I turn my hoop off?

-The best time to turn your hoop off is just after the first LEDs start to go completely out.

How long should I charge my hoop?

– Once your hoop is plugged in and you see the charging light is on, it will take no longer than 4 hours max for your hoop to charge. Once the charge indicator light goes off, remove the charger from the hoop.

Does my hoop have to be completely dead to charge it?

-You can recharge your hoop at any time. You don’t need to let it die completely to recharge. It is healthier for your hoop if you do not run it to the auto shutoff level.

How do I recharge my hoop?

– To recharge your hoop, plug the charger into the hoop, next plug the AC wall unit into the outlet. And your done!

– When finished charging, unplug the AC wall unit first, then unplug the hoop.

– To prolong the life of the charger, do not leave it plugged in when you are not charging your hoop.

Can I use any charger?

– Any charger can be used so long as it has these specifications.

— Voltage: 4.5V (unregulated)

— Current: 200mA to 600mA (do not use chargers with higher current rating). Lower current rating may take longer to charge.

— Tip: 3.5mm mono plug (tip +)

Testing Your Charger

If your hoop lights up and quickly fades out after charging, it may not be getting charged due to a bad charger.

First indicator is that the charging light will not be on. If you do not see the charging light on, quickly test the charger as described below.

1st: plug your charger into your hoop.

2nd: Turn on your hoop (switch in towards the recharge jack)

3rd: plug the charger into the wall outlet and watch for a change in brightness.

If your lights do not get brighter when you plug the charger into the wall it is a good sign that the charger isn’t working properly.  I do offer replacement chargers on the Chargers page. They may also be found locally at certain electronics or battery stores.

Storing Your Hoop

If storing your hoop for a prolonged period of time (6+ months), do not store it while dead. Make sure it is fully recharged when storing. To make sure you come back to a healthy hoop, recharge your hoop at least every two months it sits. This will help keep it as healthy as possible.

If using your hoop regularly (at least 1 discharge and recharge per month) there is no need to worry about this process.