Spectrum Hoops


The Spectrum Hoops (Rainbow Hoops) can come with any of the colors of the rainbow stacked in any pattern! Each LED count; 12, 16, 18, 21, 24, 36…. has different patterns that can be used. Colors can be grouped or alternate every LED.

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Laying out your Spectrum pattern:
Feel free to use any of the colors I have to offer to create your Spectrum hoop.
Keep in mind the LED count, a 7-color rainbow works for a 21 LED hoop alternating every 1 LED or 3 LEDs, while a 6 or 8-color rainbow works best for the 24 LED hoops and the 6-color rainbow works with the 12 LED hoop.

12 LED 16 LED 21 LED 24 LED 36 LED
6-Color Rainbow Alt2 Repeat 1
Alt1 Repeat 2
x x Alt 4 Repeat 1
Alt 1 Repeat4
Alt 6 Repeat 1
Alt 1 Repeat 6
7-Color Rainbow x x Alt 3 Repeat 1
Alt1 Repeat 3
x x
8-Color Rainbow x Alt 2 Repeat 1
Alt1 Repeat 2
x Alt 3 Repeat 1
Alt1 Repeat 3

Alt1= Alternate every 1 LED… R O Y G B V P….
Alt2= Alternate every 2 LEDs… R R O O Y Y G G ….
Alt3= Alternate every 3 LEDs… R R R O O O Y Y Y ….
Repeat1= Color pattern goes around the hoop only once, no repeating order.
Repeat2= Color pattern repeats twice around the hoop

Available colors to choose from:
Red / Orange / Yellow / Pure Green / Sea Green / Cyan / Blue / UV Purple/ Violet / Hot Pink / Pink / White

Enter your Spectrum colors and pattern below!

LED Count
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