The Spectra Hoop

(RGB Integrated Hoop)
The Spectra Hoop contains 12 different Modes with 8 variable speeds within each mode (96 variations). This hoop is designed around the visible spectrum containing patterns related to the rainbow.

Mode and speed are controlled by external push-button switches that are recessed into the tubing so you don’t change mode in the middle of hooping.

Push-button1: Mode Select – Cycles through the 12 different modes

Push-button2: Speed Select – Cycles through 8 variable speeds applied to all modes.

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Doubles – Longer displays of various modes
Doubles – Playing with all the different opitons!
Function control description
Mode display (while stationary)

Mode1: Rainbow Slow Fade (8 variable speeds)

The Slow Fade Mode cycles through the colors with a smooth transition from one to the next.


Speed1: 0.8 second interval

Speed7: 1 minute interval


Mode 2: Rainbow Strobe (8 Variable Speeds)

The strobe mode is a quick change between colors (instead of smooth transition) that runs at a much higher rate of speed than the slow fade.



Mode3: Random Rainbow (8 variable speeds)

(pictures coming soon)


Mode4: Red (8 variable speeds)

Speed1: Solid Red (no flash)
Speed2: Super fast strobe
. . . . . .
.. . . . . . .
Speed6: Slow Flash
Speed7: Slow pulse (bottom right)

Modes 5 – 12 have same speed adjustment as seen with red

Mode 5: Orange
Mode 6: Yellow
Mode 7: Green
Mode 8: Cyan
Mode 9: Blue
Mode 10: Purple
Mode 11: Pink
Mode 12: White

Spectra Hoop

LED Count
Custom Build Notes: