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36 LED 2-Circuit Hoops


36 LED 2-Circuit Hoops are a great way to give yourself that extra bit of versatility. Setup two complementary channels or two contrasting channels. Use one channel at a time or turn both on!
Available in 3/4″ or 7/8″ tubing. Setups with the 7/8″ tubing come with higher capacity batteries and have a longer usable time on each charge. Use one channel for 4 hours (in 3/4″) or 8 hours (in 7/8″) or go with both for 2 hours (in 3/4″) or 4 hours (in 7/8″).
The 2-circuit setup is great for using color-changing LEDs. Have a solid channel and a crazy color-changing channel. AC wall charger included.

Custom 36 LED 2-Circuit Hoop
Price: $265.00
Shipping: $12.85

Choose Your Tubing Size: :
Choose your diameter: :

Comment at checkout with your colors and channel setup or contact me at and we can get you all setup!

Looking for details on options and setup? Visit the Products Page!