36 LED 2-Circuit Hoops


36 LED 2-Circuit Hoops are a great way to give yourself that extra bit of versatility. Setup two complementary channels or two contrasting channels. Use one channel at a time or turn both on!
Available in 3/4″ or 7/8″ tubing. Setups with the 7/8″ tubing come with higher capacity batteries and have a longer usable time on each charge. Use one channel for 4 hours (in 3/4″) or 8 hours (in 7/8″) or go with both for 2 hours (in 3/4″) or 4 hours (in 7/8″).
The 2-circuit setup is great for using color-changing LEDs. Have a solid channel and a crazy color-changing channel. AC wall charger included.

Custom 36 LED 2-Circuit Hoop
Price: $265.00
Shipping: $12.85

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Comment at checkout with your colors and channel setup or contact me at IllumiNationSupport@gmail.com and we can get you all setup!

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