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54 LED 2-Circuit Hoop


Pictured: 54 LED 2-Circuit Hoop 36-18 Channel 1: Rainbow(alt1) Channel 2: Green/Orange/UV Purple (alt4)

54 LED Multi-Circuit Hoops only come in 7/8″ HDPE. Channels can be split in any fashion; 36-18, 27-27, 20-34… any combo! Use just one channel at a time to get up to 6 hours of use* or both for about 3 hours of use on each charge. Charger included!

Custom 54 LED 2-Circuit Hoop
Price: $400
Shipping: $12.85

Choose your diameter: :

LED Options
Comment at checkout or contact me at to setup the channels and colors you want to see in your hoop!

Looking for details on options and setup? Visit the Products Page!
*Usable time on each charge may vary depending on the colors used.