Spring Sale!


Spring Time Price Match Sale!

Sale runs 5-10-11 to 5-17-11

Research is a big part of purchasing a new LED hoop. There are so many options and a wide variety of hoops and builders. Sometimes quality can’t always be the driving force behind your purchase of a new hoop due to financial situations.

This Spring Sale makes it so you don’t have to sacrifice quality to get a hoop you want at a price you can afford. Many hoop makers don’t offer a warranty and I often times wonder why (or offer a flimsy, short warranty). My hoops aren’t the cheapest on the market but they are worth every penny and I make sure of that with my 2-year warranty. I have 15 years of electronics experience that I put into each hoop.

So here is the deal: If you have been in the market for a new hoop or are just starting to look around, I encourage you to do your research, ask around and see what people think.   If you find what you are looking for at a price that fits your budget, I’ll match it!

Spring Time Sale:

  • Send me a link with the setup that you want.
    • Must be an advertised listing from a US hoop manufacturer.
      • No personal or international  sales
    • Auction style sales are not included
  • Customization is limited to what the advertised options are for the listing.
  • I’ll match the warranty (if they offer one)
    • Extended 1-year warranty available for $15 extra
    • Extended 2-year warranty available for $25 extra
  • Each hoop is built to my regular standards (highest of quality).
    • Weight will be 12 to 15 ounces
    • Batteries will be balanced  internally and rechargeable (good for 1000 recharges)
      • Charge time: ~4-6 hours
      • Externally recessed recharge jack (no catching)
      • Externally recessed power switch (no catching)
    • AC wall charger is included only if they also offer recharging capability at no extra cost.
      • $10 extra for charger in the event they charge extra for a charger.
    • Collapsible for easy travel. (Single piece hoop, no multi-section replicas)
      • Push-button quick connect, coil over to half its original size.
  • Referral program still counts!!!
  • Exchange program also available on this sale!!!

The goal here is to get a reliable, high quality hoop in your hands without sacrificing quality for price. Spring is here and its time to get out there are start hooping!

If you have any questions or aren’t sure if I will match a certain setup, contact me to discuss the details.

I reserve the right to be selective if I don’t offer the same form of setup.