Thank You for your purchase! I hope that your new Illumi-Nation Hoop provides years of enjoyment! Please feel free to let me know what you think. Feel free to send me a picture to and I can post it in the Hoopers Photo Gallery!
Your happiness is why I do what I do!

Thanks again,
-Ryan Aja

  11 Responses to “Feedback!”

  1. Thanks for the LED Hoops. Check out my URL to see them featured on our blog. Or visit to see the video we made featuring them.

  2. Just received my hoops this week! Thanks for all the hard work you put into my hoops! We are working on making you a good video <3

  3. Haven’t had time to let you know how much I love my hoop! Thanks for the personal service. I’ll send some pics as soon as I can slow down long enough. Thanks again, Ryan.

  4. Thank you for my beautiful specialized hoop. It is amazing how tricked out it is. I love it so much. It is so great that they are collapsible I take it everywhere.

  5. I see your site is up and going now, looks great! Thank you so much for my wonderful hoop last year, it’s always by my side. I’m ready for the next.. Chakra/Strobing… You should look into it as well.. : )

  6. hello, i was wondering how much a 36″ 24led hoop would weigh?

  7. I bought my hoop from you on ebay in Oct 2010 and I love it so much I cant wait to get some twins from you as well as some connectable mini’s!!! you are the bomb Ryan!!

  8. The Hoop you made me is one of my favorite things I own!

    I play with it all the time, everywhere, and it is definitely MY FAVORITE HOOP!

    You did such a magnificent job, and I appreciate your hard work very much! The patterns, the weight, the diameter, the spectrum of color is PERFECT!

    You are awesome Ryan!

  9. It was love at first spin…chromatica, convertable, mini madness! I’m supposed to be working and all I can do is play with them! PERFECT condition, PERFECT fit, sanded just right, no rattle super solid work dude. You will forever be my number one in this bizz! You just gained a new promoter!
    Thanks for being so friendly and communicative through the whole process!

  10. Just got my practice minis and they are a dream! Even better that I can connect them into a singular hoop that is finally the perfect weight and size for some moves I’ve been working on. Seriously, the perfect fit for me, I’ve been staying up nights because I can’t put them down! So glad I stumbled across your page ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks again xx

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