New and improved 2-button design with even more modes and USB interface!
This page is for the original Mobius… the precursor to the Mobius HD. To see the latest and greatest. Please visit the Mobius HD page.

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(All pictures seen are of one hoop except for the message mode images. Contact me to discuss message/symbol possibilities)

The Mobius Hoop was designed to give you the most possible options while being easy to use. The effects seen within the Mobius hoop are a combination of the RGB Hoop and the Chaser Hoop. No matter where you may be hooping, there will always be a setting to make you stand out in the crowd!

Controlling the hoop
There are four push-buttons on the hoop (external-recessed) allowing you to control each aspect of your hoop independently. The four buttons are broken down into two groups; Color (RGB) controls, and Animation (Chaser) Controls. Each group of controls has a mode progression button and a speed selection button.

Color Controls (RGB)

Push-button 1: Push to move forward through color modes (through different color patterns)
Push-button 1: Hold 1 second to move backward through color modes.

Push-button 2: Push to increase speed, cycles back to slowest speed after fastest speed. 8 speeds total.
Push-button 2: Hold 1 second to store the current color settings for hoop start-up.
Pick any color pattern to be the start-up mode when you turn your hoop on!

Animation Controls (Chaser)

Push-button 3: Push to move forward through Chase patterns.
Push-button 3: Hold 1 second to move backward through Chase patterns.

Push-button 4: Push to increase speed, cycles back to slowest speed after fastest speed.
Push-Button 4: Hold 1 second to store the current Chase settings for hoop start-up.

Hoop Specifications
Available Tubing (OD): 3/4″ HDPE, 3/4″ Polypro, 7/8″ HDPE

Weight: 13 oz

Run Time: 1 to 10 hours (Mode dependent)
Charge Time: ~3 hours (built in charge protection/indicator – auto shutoff)

Warranty: 2 Years – covers production defects. Does not include the strip.
Shipping and repairs covered on warranty issues.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to give me a call 208-761-1588 (-Ryan)

Contact me at to start customizing yours!
Or call Ryan at 208-761-1588

To view the latest version of the Mobius hoop, check out the Mobius HD.

Below information is for the Original Mobius Hoop (discontinued)

Current RGB Mode count: 28 each with 8 speeds
Current Chaser Mode count: 33 each with 8 speeds
Overlay to create 59,136 variations!!!


Dig a bit Deeper! – Lets take a closer look at how the color and animation effects are intertwined!

The Mobius Hoop uses a combination of color progression speed and animation speed to create many harmonic interactions.
Below are incomplete charts graphing the varying speed and animation effects for just one mode pair (per image). A mode pair is any combination of a color mode and an animation pattern.
There are actually a total of 924 mode pair (contrast to images below). Each of the 28 color patterns can be applied to any one of the 33 animation patterns. Each mode pair then has 64 total speed variations.
For example; mixing color mode 1 with animation mode 4. That would be a Rainbow strobing color pattern with a 2x 8LED grouped Right chase pattern (see chart above). You could then set the rainbow strobe to any of the 8 speeds and independently adjust the animation speed to any of its 8 variable speeds.

In both of the below examples, the animation pattern is set to Mode 7 which is a 4 LED group chasing around the hoop. As seen in the images, you can vary the speed of the color progression while the animation speed remains constant, or vice versa.

To get a complete representation of all the mode-pairs would take a total of 59,136 images to be taken. – I’m working on it 🙂

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