Aug 032011

Welcome to Illumi-Nation Hoops!

If your looking for an LED hula hoop you have come to the right place. I offer a wide variety of setups, each built by hand with over 15 years of electronics experience.

  • Lightweight (10-15oz)
  • No Rattle
  • Durable
  • Rechargeable internal batteries (external jack)
  • Charge protection/indicator
  • External switch – recessed into tubing
  • 2-year warranty:
    • Covers all production defects
    • Covers batteries
    • Shipping and repair costs are covered under warranty returns
  • AC Charger Included
  • Customizable patterns and programs (Integrated Hoops)
  • Exchange program – You won’t get stuck with a hoop you don’t want!

LED Lighted Products – Getting Started
  • Single Circuit Hoops
  • Two Circuit Hoops
  • Three Circuit Hoops
  • Single Circuit Flitter Hoops
  • Two Circuit Flitter Hoops
  • Three Circuit Flitter Hoops
  • Single Circuit Mini Hoops
  • Two Circuit Mini Hoops
  • Single Circuit Flitter Mini Hoops
  • Two Circuit Flitter Mini Hoops
  • Single Circuit Comet Layout
  • LED Staffs
  • LED Canes
  • LED Illumi-Wand
  • LED Fans (coming soon)
  • LED Buggeng Blades (coming soon)
  • LED Poi (coming soon)
  • LED Nunchucks
  • Solid Color Chaser Hoops
    • 256 Variable speeds and patterns
    • Message Mode – Spell out a message in the trails of your hoop or staff
  • RGB Integrated Hoops
    • Over 180 Variable Color modes and speeds
    • Customize your own color progressions/modes
  • Mobius Hoops
    • Over 50,000 mode/speed variations and counting!!
    • Fully customizable
  • Chaser Staffs
  • RGB Staffs
  • Modius Staffs
  • Mobius Illumi-Wand
  • RGB Staffs
  • Mobius Staffs

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!